Mark Your Calendars! April 28 Below Her Mouth is about to be released in the US!

It’s been confirmed.

Below Her Mouth, the sexy indie drama that scorched screens at TIFF last year, is finally coming to the US. The Canadian theatrical release happened back in February. On April 28 those of us who have been waiting, not so patiently, to see this film will wait no more. According to the film’s marketing firm, the film will be available both in theaters and VOD.

Set and filmed in Toronto, the steamy romance stars Canadian actress Natalie Krill of Wynonna Earp fame and the beautifully androgynous Swedish model, Erika Linder.

Linder plays Dallas, a roofer by day and female Cassanova by night. Krill is Jasmine, the self-assured fashion editor, with the perfect life and the ideal fiancé. When the two women cross paths they form an immediate connection and an attraction develops that neither of them can resist. The two embark on a passionate weekend affair that ultimately derails both of their lives.

The intense chemistry between the two actresses makes this feature stand out of the crowd. Interestingly, the film production had an entirely female crew which is a rare occurrence, since women are notoriously underrepresented in TV and film. Having only women on set allowed the actresses to portray a level of intimacy and Having only women on set allowed the actresses to portray a level of intimacy and honesty that you don’t always see in lesbian movies. Director April Mullen says that she wanted to tell a female love story from a female perspective. If the trailer is any indication it looks like she accomplished her goal.

The trailer is below. Warning NSFW (Not Safe For Work).


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