So, we all know OITNB premieres on June 6th. What are you going to watch for the rest of June? Mark your calendars. The Fosters summer premiere is June 16th. If you are new to The Fosters, it’s a family drama about a lesbian couple with five kids. One is biological, two are adopted and two are foster children. The show is a heart warming and sometimes heart-rending drama. Jennifer Lopez is one of the executive producers and the show airs on ABC Family, the channel that brought you Pretty Little Liars.

The series stars Teri Polo as Stef, Sherri Saum as Lena, Jake T. Austin as Jesus, Hayden Byerly as Jude, David Lambert as Brandon, Maia Mitchell as Callie, Danny Nucci as Mike, and Cierra Ramirez as Mariana.

All the episodes to date are on Netflix streaming. And most of them are on (all except episode one which makes no sense).


And as a side note, am I the only one who thinks that these two look like they were separated at birth?
The Fosters Callie
Maia Mitchell who plays Callie on The Fosters.
PLL Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale who plays Aria on Pretty Little Liars.

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