Rookie Blue isn’t a new show. The ensemble police drama is in it’s fifth season. It wasn’t even on my radar until the end of Season 4, when they introduced as lesbian relationship for one of the main characters. Now they are one of my favorite new lesbian TV couples (just look at the picture they’re adorable, right?).  Gail is the tough cop and Holly is the smart medical examiner. (Shipper name: Golly). So it’s kind of like Rizzoli and Isles except these two actually kiss instead of just making bedroom eyes at each other. The pair got together at the end of Season 4 and the relationship continued into Season 5. Who knows if it will last, you know how writers (and lesbians) love angst. But if you have’t seen it check it out on ABC Thursdays 9/8c. Catch up on earlier Season 5 episodes here.


Here is clip from Season 4.

Here is a fun interview with Aliyah O’Brien who plays Holly. From



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