I am going to preface this post by saying that I debated whether or not I should include this video (above) on this site. It’s a fan music video I created with clips from Merlin, which is by no means a lesbian show or even has any overtly lesbian characters. Fandom has shipped many of the characters together in various pairings, both straight and gay. Even Julian Murphy one of the show’s creators joked around in an interview about Morgana and Morgause being lesbian love interests. (That clip is below.) Although, one could argue that Morgana might be gay. Some fans might argue it rather strenuously. In five seasons Morgana was never romantically involved with a guy. Despite the lack of a definitive lesbian character, the show does have lots of things lesbians love, like beautiful, ass-kicking, sword-wielding, spell-casting women. One of whom is played by Katie McGrath. Katie also played our favorite budding young lesbian on Dracula. In Merlin, Katie is deliciously evil as the sorceress Morgana Pendragon. When another popular Katy, Katy Perry released Dark Horse, I thought the song was just too perfect for Morgana. So, here is my rationale for including the video. It has music from Katy Perry who has sung about kissing girls and liking it. Plus, it includes video of Katie McGrath who is definitely not afraid to kiss girls on screen. Katie + Katy = pure magic. What’s not to like?

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