Lover’s Game explores the relationship of two women whose shared passion for art transforms into a passion for each other. As the film opens up-and-coming art gallery owner Annabella (Crawford Collins) and her NY Assistant District Attorney husband Vincent (Blaine Pennington) and struggling with infertility problems that are putting a strain on their relationship. Then Annabella meets a brilliant and seductive artist Gillian (Miranda McCauley) and falls for her, literally at first. Annabelle stumbles on the sidewalk in front of Gillian’s apartment and scrapes her hand. Gillian helps her bandage it and the two instantly bond over art, New York and painful past breakups. Annabella is so taken by Gillian’s paintings that she offers to showcase Gillian’s work at her gallery opening. A friendship blossoms. As the chasm between Annabella and Vincent grows wider the connection between the women deepens into a love affair. But as the title implies love can be a game and sometimes a complicated one. Annabella and Gillian learn painful lessons about themselves and each other as Lover’s Game unfolds.
Lover's Game Annabella
Crawford Collins plays the uptight, career driven Annabella.

Miranda McCauley is the passionate, artistic Gillian.

Danielle Earle helms the independent film, directing and producing it. She also wrote the script. Earle previously produced Brooklyn in Love winner of 2013 LA Web Series Festival Awards for “Outstanding Writing” and “Outstanding Lead Actress” in a drama series. When writing Earle says she pulls from her own life experiences. “Pain is all apart of the journey, and that’s why I love writing love stories so much. The beauty and self identity in what is painful, but at the same time, it’s what makes us stronger, and more determined.”

Lover’s Game is scheduled to be available on VOD in November 2014.
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