Lost Girl Season 5 will be the last season of Lost Girl. I will pause here for a moment of silence. (Pause.) And somehow the folks at Syfy still haven't seen fit to coordinate the US airing with the Canadian airing. So all you lucky girls (and boys) living in the Great White North will get to revel in Doccubustiness starting on December 7. Syfy has Lost Girl slated to start sometime in 2015 for everyone south of the Canadian border. Everyone that is without without access to geospoofing.


US fans are like, "Say what, SyFy?


The Season 5 trailer doesn't really reveal much.

  • Bo can rock a waitress uniform.
  • Lauren is a badass with a ninja star.
  • Tamsin needs to work on her swing.
  • Bo thinks it's fun to choke Lauren. And by the look on Lauren's face this is not a 50 Shades of Gray kind of moment for them. 
  • Dyson is still around.
  • Kenzi isn't. But then she is dead. But given the name of the first episode is "Like Hell Part 1", I doubt we have seen the last of Kenzi. And dead is kind of a relative term on Lost Girl.

What's our safe word again, Bo?

I would just like to point out that this is the only PR promo photo that has anyone cuddling and it's Bo and Lauren. Doccubus is endgame. Enough said.

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