Watch Lost Girl Season 1 for FREE on Xbox Video.

The other seasons are on sale too. You don’t need an Xbox just a computer and an Xbox Video account, which you can open for free as well.

If you are unfamiliar with Lost Girl it is a popular Canadian sci fi/fantasy TV show. The premise is that supernatural creatures called Fae live amongst us humans and feed off of us. The lead character Bo (Anna Silk) is a succubus who feeds off sexual energy. However, since she was raised by humans she doesn’t know that she is Fae or understand her powers. Season 1 is a voyage of self discovery for Bo as she is exposed to the Fae world.

The show is also popular with the gay ladies because of the relationship that develops between Bo and a human doctor named Lauren (Zoie Palmer). (Shipper name: Doccubus.)

If you haven’t seen Lost Girl now is your chance to check out Season 1 on Xbox for free. I am sure like all things, this is a limited time offer so don’t dally if you want to take advantage of it.

(By the way Netflix Streaming also has several seasons of Lost Girl on their service. If you already subscribe you can check it out there. Obviously it is not free on Netflix since you are paying for a subscription.)

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