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Season 4 started off with a bang. Or maybe I should say a sparkle. Kenzi acquired some faux Fae powers that allow her to light up like the Fourth of July. Kenzi is skulking about in the Una Mens “Sanctuary”, which looks like a warehouse in Burbank. (The Una Mens are apparently some new super Fae that seem to be able to ride herd over both The Light and The Dark Fae.) After being apprehended trying to open a mysterious wicker basket that looks like it came from IKEA, she puts on a little show to prove that she is “all Fae baby”.

Kenzi fireworks

Cute Sparky.


Episode 1 was pretty much all about Kenzi. So much so that you might think it is just Kenzi’s dream in the beginning. She is the only estrogen on screen. She is the de facto leading lady. There is a noticeable lack of all things Bo. No mention of Bo by anyone. It’s as if she doesn’t exist. Tamsin and Lauren have also vanished. Their whereabouts are unknown, but at least they still exist. Even Evony is “dead” or more likely imprisoned in Vex’s office so he could take over as the Morrigan.

Vex Evani

Evony? Who needs Evony?


So in the big giant void left by Bo’s non-existence, Dyson and Hale have nothing to do but vie for Kenzi’s attention. Yup, you heard that right, a Kenzi-Hale-Dyson love triangle, complete with Dyson and Kenzi smooches and three-way Tango dancing.

Kenzi and Dyson Kiss

What the Fae?


Luckily thanks to Afie (I never thought I would use those words together in a sentence), they realize that something or someone is in fact missing Afie shows up with a picture of Bo and says her daughter is missing she know she is out there she just can’t remember her. As Kenzi investigates with Dyson they discover it’s not just Afie suffering from selective memory loss, they all had their memories collectively erased. Good thing Trickster, the fountain of all Fae knowledge, knows of a Fae artifact that will restore their memories. They have to find some kind of compass with an unpronounceable name.

So it is off to a random Fae party to find the compass. In the search for said artifact Dyson gets hit on by the nymph, Jenny Schecter, oh I mean Mia Kirshner. He blows her off to go show up Hale on the dance floor with Kenzi. Their three-way Tango wins Kenzi a rose and the ability to meet the host and ask him for the magic compass.

Meanwhile Vex shows up looking like he stole his costume from Frank-n-Furter in Rocky Horror picture show.

Vex in drag croppedFrank-n-Furter

Vex (left) and Frank-n-Furter (right) – See what I mean?


Vex doesn’t want Kenzi to get the compass and return everyone’s memories, since it might threaten his reign as the Morrigan. Hale and Vex have a Fae version of a cage fight without the cage. Hale wins with his Siren eardrum-popping prowess, but I really think Vex was just weighed down by that giant banana hammock he was sporting. Meanwhile, Kenzi tangles with George Takai as a giant “slithering”. Kenzi procures the compass but Dyson has to save her before she becomes a big lump in the snake’s belly.


Mr. Sulu wants you … for lunch.


Finally Dyson and Kenzi point the compass to true north. POW! Apparently Bo is everyone’s true north. They all suddenly remember Bo. Even Lauren who is hiding behind the worst hairdo ever and waiting tables under the alias Amber.


Please God, don’t let Bo see me with these bangs!


There is still no sign of Tamsin, but wherever she is, we assume that she remembers Bo too. Even Bo seems to remember Bo as her bright blue succubus eyes pop open. We will have to wait for Episode 2 to see if everyone gets reunited. There is also a shot of the wicker basket Kenzi was trying to peek into at the beginning of the show, now oozing with ominous black goo. That remains a mystery for now too.



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