Well, it’s Halloween again. And this year I thought I’d share a few scary movies with lesbian content scenes in them.

The Hunger
The first is a classic, The Hunger, released over 30 years ago. Catherine Deneuve plays Miriam, a centuries old vampire in search of a new lover as her old lover John (David Bowie) starts to rapidly age. Susan Sarandon plays Dr. Sarah Roberts, and aging specialist who tries to help John but gets drawn into Miriam’s web. The Hunger is a slick, stylish thriller that set the standard for all the vampire movies that came after it. The clip below is from the movie. I didn’t post the official trailer because it is literally the worst trailer I have ever seen, which is a shame because the movie is excellent.
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Kill for Me
Kill for Me is a modern thriller starring Katie Cassidy (Arrow) and Tracy Spiridakos (Revolution) as two young women who share a common problem, abusive men in their lives. But the solution to their problems could be deadly. I’ll admit, I originally only watched this movie because the girls get together. But I liked it more than I thought I would. While it is not a masterpiece, as thrillers go it’s not bad.
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Jennifer’s Body
If you are looking for a teen horror comedy – Jennifer’s Body might be for you. Jennifer (Megan Fox) is high school cheerleader is possessed by demons who starts killing off her classmates. Her bestie, Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is the nerdy heroine who tries to end the slaughter. And the two of them have a little snogfest during a sleepover. The script is by the Oscar-award winning writer Diablo Cody. No she didn’t win the Oscar for this film it was for Juno. But if you liked her quirky sense of humor in Juno you may enjoy it in this film as well.
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Breaking the Girls
Breaking the Girls came out around the same time as Kill for Me. And it has a similar premise. Weird how often that happens in Hollywood. The film starts Agnes Bruckner (Blood and Chocolate) stars as Sara and Madeline Zima (Californication) is Alex. The two girls become friends and fantasize about offing the people they hate. It’s all fun and games until someone actually commits a real murder.
This film is streaming on Netflix right now.
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