Representation of LGBTQ+ characters in TV shows and film has been improving over the past few years, but the diversity of the casting still leaves a lot to be desired. Hollywood continues to cast straight and/or cisgender actors in these roles. In the past, the entertainment industry could claim they didn’t know who the queer actors were because everyone was in the closet. But in recent years many actors have publicly embraced their identities, viewing it as an asset not a liability.

So what are gay and trans actors to do to counter Hollywood’s straight and cis biases? One out gay actor Colby Ryan, and his writing partner, Anne Schroeder decided to grab the reins and they wrote their own script. Colby and Anne’s goal was to create characters that represent the full spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community and Grosse Misconduct was born. Colby and Anne created and starred in the six-part web series. In addition, the cast includes Pooya Mohseni, an Iranian-American transgender actor and activist.

Writer and actor Colby Ryan plays the high maintenance HR director, Mitch Grosse.

Anne Schroeder, who co-wrote the screenplay, stars as Sarah Wilson, Mitch’s assistant.

Pooya Mohseni, an Iranian-American transgender actor, plays Alicia Castile.

Grosse Misconduct takes a satiric look at the HR department of an ad agency. The workplace comedy centers around the HR director, Mitch Grosse and his team of HR “not so professionals” as they stumble through a variety of mishaps with varying degrees of ineptitude. Mitch is keeping a big secret from his team, but it’s not his sexuality that is hidden in the closet.

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