February is the month of love. And so far it is shaping up to be a pretty good month for lesbian love on film too. Here are a few tasty items that will be available this month to feast your eyes on.


One of the most popular lesbian movies of last year, Reaching for the Moon was released to DVD and Instant Video on February 11.
Blue is the Warmest Color will be released to DVD and Instant Video on February 25. Netflix Streaming will carry it that day as well. This controversial and critically acclaimed film is a must see for any lesbian movie lover.
Concussion is a smart, sexy thought-provoking lesbian film. Although it has been available on DVD and Instant Video for a while, in February Netflix Streaming has added it too.
House of Cards, Season 2, aired on Netflix Streaming February 14. This season the political drama is full of surprises, the biggest being a lesbian relationship subplot for Rachel. It's not a huge part of the show but the actresses gave an emotional performance.

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