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If you aren’t already up to speed on the current Dracula TV show, you may want to read my first post, A New Take on Dracula: Lucy Loves Mina

In episodes 5 and 6, Lucy has caught someone’s eye. No it’s not a lady vampire, as I had hoped, but Lady Jayne, who is a vampire hunter and a predator in her own right. Lady Jayne spied Lucy’s affection for Mina across a crowded ballroom while at Mina’s engagement party. Apparently, she has very finely honed gaydar. Too bad she is not as talented at spotting vampires. Despite falling in love with Alexander Grayson (a.k.a. Dracula) she has yet to discover he is a bloodsucker.

Lucy gaydar ALERTladyjayne gadyar 1








horrifed lucy

They, along with everyone else at the party witnessed Mina and Alexander’s disturbingly intimate waltz. Neither of them were pleased to say the least. Lucy looked almost horrified She virtually crumbled into a pile of tears on the stairs when she arrived home. Lady Jayne was crestfallen and went home to examine her wrinkles in the mirror.

When Lucy runs into her at the Savoy, Lady Jayne invites her to tea the following afternoon saying they have much in common and should get to know each other better. She then calls Lucy out on her crush on Mina. Lucy wanders off embarrassed and confused.

DOE EYED LUCYA nervous Lucy takes Lady Jayne up on her invite for tea anyway. Well it is England. You can’t pass up an invitation to tea can you? Lady Jayne appears to take Lucy under her proverbial wing. At tea, she confesses that her first lovers were female. It is a natural part of a young woman’s maturation she tells Lucy. Lucy who is usually so cool and polished becomes a doe-eyed innocent. Lady Jayne’s revelations fluster her so much she spills tea on her blouse. Lady Jayne is kind enough to wipe it off/feel her up. Lucy falls quickly under Lady Jayne’s spell hanging on every word like a schoolgirl. Lady Jayne seductively tells her that women have secret ways of expressing desire while gently fondling her. While she works Lucy into state she tells her that Mina likely shares her desires and Lucy should tell Mina her feelings. Well, this is going to end badly.

Lady Jayne is clearly manipulating Lucy – but the question is why? And Lucy, who has never been shown this kind of attention by a woman, is an easy mark. At this point, perhaps Lady Jayne truly believes Lucy has a chance with Mina and only needs a little encouragement. If she prods Lucy to reveal her feelings and she is right then Mina and Lucy will get together. That will hopefully keep Mina out of Alexander’s reach and Lady Jayne can have all his attention. It’s a win-win. It is hard to be sure what her motives are though. It seems pretty obvious that Lady Jayne is going to do what is best for Lady Jayne.

Unbeknownst to Lucy, Mina has consummated her relationship with Jonathan. You do wonder if she did it because she loves Jonathan, or to convince herself that she is not falling for Alexander. Whatever the reason it makes her even less amenable to Lucy’s forthcoming advances.

Emboldened by Lady Jayne’s pep talk Lucy takes the plunge. Lucy and Mina are lying on Mina’s divan. They do spend an inordinate amount of time lying on beds and divans together. One can see how Lucy would be confused. Mina brushes Lucy’s hair back. Lucy kisses Mina’s cheek and then brushes her lips. Mina pulls away and giggles, never a good sign.

lucy mina kissLucy confesses, “I love you.”

Mina replies, “As do I. We’re dear friends. We’re sisters even.”

“But we could be so much more,” Lucy responds.

Suddenly, the light dawns for Mina and she rises from the divan with a shocked look. Lucy blathers on that she broke up with Alastair for Mina and has always loved her. As predicted, Lucy’s feelings are not reciprocated. Mina asks her if their entire friendship had been a pretense. Despite Lucy’s denials Mina asks her to leave. A tearful Lucy storms out past Jonathan as he enters the room.

But we haven’t seen the last of Lucy and Lady Jayne. Victoria Smurfit was quoted in an interview saying:

“I get to do some things with Katie McGrath that every man on the planet would like to do.”

– Victoria Smurfit

From digitalspy.

Um, not just the men Ms. Smurfit, just about every lesbian on the planet is jealous of you too.

Episode 7 has Lucy running back to Lady Jayne for comfort and advice, because it worked out so well the first time. One of their meetings ends in one of the hottest lesbian kisses on TV this year. Unfortunately, episode 7 doesn’t air until January 3 in the states. But our friends across the pond saw it in December and some of them were kind enough to share. I have included a GIF below. A little something to keep you warm on these cold winter nights. Consider it my holiday gift to you. You’re welcome.

Lucy and Lady Jayne Kiss

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