In less than a week Season 2 of Orphan Black will premiere. To tide you over until then, I have made a video of everyone’s favorite couple Cosima and Delphine, a.k.a. Cophine.

Also, in case you missed it, there are two a clips below from The Cloneversation last weekend. In the first one Evelyne Brochu talks about the relationship between the characters. And Tatiana Maslany talks about “fan-girling” over Evelyne.

In the second one Tatiana talks about how Cosima is the clone she relates to the most.

If you want more info on Cophine and Orphan Black check out my review here.

And here are a couple photos/graphics from the Orphan Black social media sites – just for fun.

OB cophine

she's got baggage

delphine playing for the other team

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