Carmilla PosterLet’s be honest we can never have too many lesbian vampire stories right? OK, some are horrifically bad, but a while ago I stumbled across a clever little web series inspired by the Gothic novella Carmilla that is surprisingly good. Imagine an updated spin on the classic vampire tale imbued with the comedy of a SNL skit and you have Carmilla the Series. Season 2 is nearing its conclusion, there are only a few episodes left. I hear you saying, “So why are you just telling me about this now?” Hey, look at it this way, it means very soon you can binge watch both seasons. Admit it, you prefer to binge watching shows anyway. Each segment is only a few minutes long so you can knock the whole thing out in a few hours.

The Canadian web series is shot as a series of webcam vlogs posted by the main character, college freshman, Laura Hollis (Elise Bauman). Just as a side note, Laura’s geeky charm is strangely reminiscent of Spencer on South of Nowhere.  As Season 1 begins, Laura discovers that girls on campus are disappearing, including her roommate. While Laura is still trying to unravel the mystery of her missing roomie, a new roommate Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis) inexplicably appears. Laura immediately suspects that Carmilla is a vampire. She starts sleuthing to get to the bottom of things and discovers more than she ever wanted to know. Her investigations unearth more supernatural trouble than she can handle.

Shot more like a play than a movie, each season is filmed almost entirely on a single set, with one camera. In addition to the video series, Carmilla has an integrated social media presence with the main characters posting additional content to their Twitter accounts.

The series has garnered a rabid fan base, affectionately known as Creampuffs, that might one day rival the Doccubus Army. Fans got the show nominated for several 2015 Shorty Awards. Although they didn’t take home any prizes, the nominations were impressive for small budget, freshman series (pun intended) up against some A-list talent. Carmilla also scored a couple of nominations for 2015 The Streamy Awards. The show is nominated for Best Drama and Natasha Negovanlis is up for Best Actress. The Streamy Awards are on VH1 September 17th.


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You can watch Carmilla the Series on YouTube channel VerveGirlTV:


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