Beacon Hill is a new lesbian-centric web series coming from veteran soap opera actor/producer Crystal Chappell. Chappell’s production company, Open Book Productions, created the award-winning Venice the Series and The Grove. This new endeavor is a collaboration between Open Book Productions and Bella Productions.

Beacon Hill promises lots of political intrigue, family drama and based on the trailers an angst-filled lesbian love triangle. Here is the storyline in a nutshell. After a six year absence, Sara Preston (Alicia Minshew) returns home to Boston because her grandfather, Senator William Preston, has suffered a stroke. Once there she has to deal with her grandfather’s new trophy wife, her mother’s drinking problem and her unresolved issues with her ex-girlfriend Katherine Wesley (Sarah Brown). To complicate matters Katherine also happens to be a State Representative that could become the Senatorial candidate to replace her grandfather, if he allows it.

Filled with a seasoned cast and backed by strong production teams, Beacon Hill has the potential to be a great web series. The series premieres March 5th. More information is available on their website.

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