What Happened to AfterEllen?

AfterEllen.com has been a source for news, entertainment and community for queer women for over 14 years. The site was created by queer women for queer women. It celebrated queer women in media and pop culture, advocated for visibility and provided a treasured safe space for us to interact. Every day, AfterEllen provided new original content and numerous articles from variety of sources. This week it was announced that AfterEllen is being decommissioned, for lack of a better word.

The publisher, Totally Her Media, is denying the site is “shut down”. Maybe “shut down” isn’t the best word. I’m calling it DEAD. Here is what is happening, in a nutshell:

  • The archives will still exist on the site, at least for now.
  • The queer editor, Trish Bendix, who ran the site for the last two years and has been with the publication for ten, is gone. And there will be no editor moving forward.
  • The queer writers who provided the content that made AfterEllen a haven for queer women are gone, save one rather junior contributor.
  • To replace all these talented ladies that we have come to know and love will be … wait for it … a straight man! Yes, you read that right. The website that has been by queer women for queer women for well over a decade will now be run by a straight guy. And he may from time to time add an article by a freelancer. Maybe.

Now What?

We have lost so many queer women characters on TV this year. Now we are losing a real space, and real queer voices who represent us in the real world. Here are a few lesbian/bi run websites that you can use to fill the empty void left by the demise AfterEllen. Personally, I would rather support these businesses than a company who has so little regard for our community. Because, “Hell hath no fury like a ‘queer’ woman scorned.”

Autostraddle.com – I would say this is the site that is most like AfterEllen. It has articles, reviews, recaps and commentary. Several of the AfterEllen writers have already been picked up by Autostraddle.

curvemag.com – Curve Magazine site

lotl.com – Lesbians on the Loose Magazine site

divamag.co.uk – DIVA magazine site

onemorelesbian.com – curated video content for les/bi women

Tellofilms.com – original content web series

TheLesbianReview.com – focuses mostly on lesbian and bi book reviews

lesbianbusinesscommunity.com – A listing of lesbian and bi owned businesses

And of course LezFlix.com 😉 – my own little take on lesbian and bi movies and TV shows


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